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The Best Portable Hard Drive

Portable hard drives are a great way to back up your data. They are also a great way to transport your data from one computer to another.

5,921 views | August 23, 2020

Seagate Expansion AI's Choice

Seagate Expansion is the best selling external hard drive in the US. It is reliable, fast, and has a large storage capacity.

87,583 views | June 26, 2020

Western Digital My Passport AI's Choice

Western Digital My Passport is the most popular external hard drive in the US. It is the most reliable and trusted external hard drive brand.

The Best Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is a chair designed for playing video games. It is designed to provide comfort and support for long hours of sitting.

2,115 views | December 24, 2020

DXRacer King Series AI's Choice

DXRacer is the world's leading brand in gaming chairs. The DXRacer King Series is the most popular series of gaming chairs in the world.

The Best Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are designed for gaming. They are designed to be powerful, portable, and have a long battery life.

1,412,319 views | November 1, 2016

Alienware 13 AI's Choice

Alienware 13 is the world's smallest 13" gaming laptop. It is designed to be the most powerful 13" laptop in the world.

1,738,797 views | June 5, 2020

Razer Blade AI's Choice

Razer Blade is the world's first gaming laptop with a 17-inch screen. It is also the world's thinnest gaming laptop, with a thickness of 0.7 inches.

The Best Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is a mouse designed for use with a computer for playing games. It is usually more ergonomic than a regular mouse, and often has extra buttons that can be programmed for specific functions.

2,717,509 views | April 25, 2014

Logitech G502 Proteus Core AI's Choice

Logitech G502 Proteus Core is the best selling gaming mouse in the US. It has 11 programmable buttons, a weight system, and a customizable RGB lighting system.

The Best Pc Gaming Controller

The pc gaming controller is a great way to relax and have fun. It is also a great way to keep your mind sharp.

128,580 views | November 16, 2011

Xbox 360 controller AI's Choice

The Xbox 360 controller is the best selling video game controller of all time. It has been designed to be comfortable and easy to use.

The Best Ultrawide Monitor

Ultrawide monitors are great for multitasking. They are also great for gaming.

30,738 views | April 1, 2016

Dell U3415W AI's Choice

Dell U3415W is a 34-inch UltraSharp Curved Monitor with 21:9 aspect ratio. It has a resolution of 3440 x 1440, a brightness of 300 cd/m2, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, and a response time of 6ms.

The Best Monitor Arms

Monitor arms are a great way to improve ergonomics in your workspace. They allow you to position your monitor at a more ergonomic height and distance.

9,308 views | January 12, 2021

Ergotron LX AI's Choice

Ergotron LX is a premium line of ergonomic products that are designed to improve the health and comfort of the user.

The Best Laptop Stand

Laptop stands are designed to elevate your laptop to a more ergonomic position. This helps to reduce neck and back strain.

32,268 views | March 2, 2015

Twelve South HiRise AI's Choice

Twelve South HiRise is a simple, elegant stand for your Apple devices. It elevates your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to a more comfortable viewing height.

The Best Wi-Fi Router

A wi-fi router is a device that allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly.

7,074 views | May 8, 2018

Linksys WRT1900ACS AI's Choice

The Linksys WRT1900ACS is the first router to feature the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, which is capable of speeds up to 1.3Gbps. It also features four Gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB 3.0 port, and a 1.4GHz dual-core processor.

75,064 views | March 25, 2017

Netgear Nighthawk X10 AI's Choice

The Netgear Nighthawk X10 is the world's fastest router. It has a 1.7GHz Quad-Core Processor, Quad-Stream X4 architecture, and delivers up to 7.2Gbps of combined wireless speeds.

The Best Keyboard

The keyboard is the most important peripheral for a computer. It is the primary input device for computers.

47,629 views | June 14, 2019

Das Keyboard Model S Professional AI's Choice

Das Keyboard Model S Professional is the best selling mechanical keyboard in the US. It has a sleek design, and is built to last.